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>Hi. My name is Monique Mironesco. I am a new Ph.D. candidate in the
>Political Science Department at the University of Hawai'i. I am writing
>my dissertation on gender bias in secondary education. However, I am
>having a hard time pinning down a core question that will describe my
>research problem and also be something that I want to spend the next three
>years of my life researching and answering. So far I am looking at
>adolescent girls' self-esteem as a major factor in gender inequity in
>education. However, I am not sure that this is what I want to focus on.
>If anyone has any suggestions, I would definitely appreciate a reply.
>Thank you very much.

Hello: Right at this moment, I have more questions than suggestions. I need
my questions answered, before I can make suggestions.
1. You are in poli-sci dept. .Must your thesis have a political theory as a
2.Is the lack of self-esteem in adolescent girls a result of gender
inequity, or a corollary, a cause, or a little of each?
3. Hormones and the resultant changes a a great factor in the self-esteem
of teenagers in general. How will you domonstrate that the lack of
self-esteem is greater in adolescent females, because of gender inequity
in education? Or can it be demonstrated that the lack of self-esteem is due
to very old deeply entrenched neuroses within our society?
4. Will this paper be cross-cultural?
5.Will you show an appreciable difference of self-esteem between
adolescents of Upper-middle class, working class, and the poor?
6. Will you be able to demonstrate the difference in self-esteem due to
appearance? ( blonds, thin, fat, etc.?)

Just some questions.

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