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Shoshanna Mayer-Young Ph.D. (shoshana@research.haifa.ac.il)
Tue, 15 Oct 1996 13:16:10 +0300

WS courses, within the new scholarship, are often considered academically
"soft-core"; many of them are interdisciplinary, and value-laden in the
sense that we hope that sucessful completion of them will include
internalization of feminist concerns. Information is imparted, as well as
opportunities to exchange ideas, and research real, vital issues. Moreover,
we often encourage students to suggest ways of intervention to better
society via gender-fairness. This is a much more complex task then, say,
teaching Venetian painters of the 15th century (or is it?) and every year I
keenly feel the need to devise good and well-balanced but also academically
efficient ways to test , evaluate and g r a d e students'
accomplishments , especially in large classes (often 80-100 people) and
especially in the area of values . How do other WS teachers feel about
this issue? Shoshanna


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