Re: Toys and gender (More)
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 21:48:06 -0400

I can't help but to reply to the message asking if the girls' Legos are in
pastel colors. Yes, of course, they are gender-colored! As the mother of a
12-year-old girl who has a huge collection of Legos (the traditional sets)
and who wants to work in the future for Legos, I was appalled when I first
saw the girls Legos come out. I refuse to buy them. My daughter likes
nothing better than to take things apart or see how they run or how they
work. I somehow don't think putting together a simple beach party set
equates with putting together an intricate model of the space shuttle.


Jody Smothers Marcello
Blatchley Middle School
601 Halibut Point Road
Sitka, Alaska 99835

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