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Barbara J Tavares (
Thu, 17 Oct 1996 12:53:33 -1000

Of course you are right about keeping a healthy perspective on appearance,
which may also include the use of make-up. It's the weight or degree to
which this consumes girls that is the issue. Can you imagine having a
"scholarship pagent" for boys called "Mr. America?" Yet somehow
anyone that questions the Miss America type events is labeled a spoil
sport. The traditional venue for teen popularity is
cheerleading and the like. How many cheerleaders are large or
unattractive by media standards? In a way I can't blame young teens
because in their immediate sphere, that's where the rewards are.

A few years back Women's Media Report did a gender count on Time Magazine
covers over the last five decades, and except for movie stars and wives of
important males, there were very few females pictured on that cover.
That's who the role models for girls are: movie stars and women who make
good marital catches.

One hope on the horizon is the rise in popularity and attention of girls
athletics. It rewards effort and talent that is separate and apart from
fashion trends, and at the same time teaches even the average player many
human interaction skills. I do think we are expanding the pool of role
models for females. But after seeing all the negative press that Hillary
Clinton has received, I acknowledge there is a long way to go to reach

Barbara Tavares
University of Hawaii

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