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marcia braundy (
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 10:42:11 -0700

Does anyone have an address for Lego where we might express our deep concern
at the further stereotyping of gender roles at a time when many of us are
working so hard to expand career opportunities for girls and women, and at a
time when in both Canada and the United States governments are identifying
the need to educate and use all of the human resources available to design,
build, renovate and maintain the best elements of the world in which we live.

>I can't help but to reply to the message asking if the girls' Legos are in
>pastel colors. Yes, of course, they are gender-colored! As the mother of
a 12-year-old girl who has a huge collection of Legos (the traditional sets)
and who wants to work in the future for Legos, I was appalled when I first
saw the girls Legos come out.
>Jody Smothers Marcello
>Blatchley Middle School
>601 Halibut Point Road
>Sitka, Alaska 99835
Marcia Braundy
Advocate for Women in Trades, Technology, Operations and Blue Collar Work (WITT)

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