Re: Toys and gender (More)
Wed, 23 Oct 1996 01:47:42 -0400

I don't have an address for Legos but suggest you look on the package. I
tried to reach Bonnie Shapiro, their marketing director, and never got beyond
her voice mail. Messages to return my calls went unanswered. I was hoping to
interview her for an article I just filed on gender-stereotyping of toys and
was hoping to gain some insight into their reasoning for producing the
pastel-colored Legos. I live in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area and
have been unable to find the past Legos here. According to a real person I
talked to at Legos, they're only being marketed through their Home Shopping
which can be reached by phone. Another thing I have been unable to locate is
one package of Legos which pictures a girl, including their Duplo sets for
preschoolers. I suggest when you're shopping during the holidays to take a
stroll through the toy department and jot down some of the addresses of the
manufacturers who are producting and marketing toys that continue to
perpetuate gender stereotypes. Put them on your holiday mailing list and drop
them a note about what you think a good New Year's resolution might be for
them. A little consumer activism often goes a long way.

Thanks to all on this listserv who replied to my initial inquiry about toys
and gender. I received many valuable leads.

Mary Miller (

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