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Thu, 24 Oct 1996 00:07:33 -0500

On 10/22/96 7:17 PM, Mary Berle-Carman asked about an address for
TAG - Taking Action for Girls -
Their address is (Upper Midwest Women's History Center)
c/o Hamline University
1536 Hewitt Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55104

For those who don't know, their idea is to take action when we object to
something in the media, or something like pink legos, and contact TAG. They
will identify the person in power and inform their network of members who
will then all write, call, and apply pressure.

Their July mailing list called "Opportunities for Action" gave the
addresses for Hasbro and described an ad in Parents magazine: photographs of
five children, three boys and two girls, with the following captions: for
boys, "Ride a 2 Wheeler!" "Run Your Own Business!" and "Hit a Home Run!"
while for girls the captions were: "Be a Mom!" and "Decorate Your Dreamhouse!"

They gave the addresses for Hasbro and of their ad agency.

Along with the newsletter was a report from the Toy Fair 1996, with good and
bad news about what will be coming for holiday gift giving.

To offer recommendations for action, suggest issues to explore, or to join
the TAG network, call 612-644-1727, fax 512-644-3350, e-mail or write the address above.

This service is free and would make a good activity for a community group
working with girls.

Neysa Picklum
Iowa Educational Equity Council

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