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Does anyone have a succinct, two or three sentence definition of

Attached is the definition from EDC-Katherine Hanson. No doubt she
will respond herself.
Barbara A. Bitters, Team Leader
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Gender equity is a set of actions, attitudes, and assumptions that
provide opportunities and create expectations about individuals,
regardless of gender.
It is integral to and supports race, ethnic, economic, disabilities,
and other equity concerns. In education, gender equity is specific
action undertaken to create conditions that provide high-quality
educational experiences for female and male students and enable
outcomes of educational achievement with no differences based on gender.

Gender equity is
* an equal chance for learning for females and males
* equitable options to learn subjects and prepare for future
education, jobs, and careers
* no limits on expectations due to gender
* equal encouragement for both females and males to develop,
achieve, and learn
* equitable treatment of male and female students

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