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*************** CALL FOR WEB REVIEWERS ***************

In response to pleas for more evaluation of what's available on the
STUDIES RESOURCES is inaugurating a new and ongoing feature. We'd
like for each quarterly issue to carry a review essay covering Web
resources on a particular topic related to women's issues or
women's studies. We're looking for reviewers well-versed in the
topic under consideration as well as the workings of the World Wide
Web so they can compare related sites as to some of the following

Content of the site, authority/validity. This is by far the
most important part of the review; sites may be glitzy or
well-organized, but do they have useful information? Does the
site include journal articles, book chapters, book reviews,
news features, speeches, reproductions of artists' works,
etc.? Who (organization, individual?) maintains the site?

Currency of information. Is the site being regularly updated?

Uses and/or usefulness for research, class projects, or
feminist activism.

Links to other sites. How useful? Are they properly

Comparison of site to resources in other media, particularly

Organization and workability of site.

Presentation of the site: time loading, readability,
usefulness of graphics, special viewer necessary?

So many topics are either touched on or more thoroughly covered by
various websites that we can only suggest some broad subject areas
and look for suggestions for more specific review topics based on
potential reviewers' interests and expertise. If you're a
librarian who has recently presented a bibliographic instruction
session on a particular women-related topic, let us know; if your
women's studies class is researching websites on the course's
subject area, give us your evaluative summary of their work; if
you regularly surf the Web in a particular subject area and have
developed some expertise, share the knowledge you've gained.
Possible topic areas might be: contemporary women artists, African
American writers of the early 20th century, women scientists,
adolescent sexuality and STD's, reproductive technology, women of
Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, breast cancer, women in
the field of information technology, lesbian studies, feminist
theory. These are only suggestions. If you have other or more
specific topics in mind, please send us email, drop a note, or give
us a call and we'll discuss it with you. We'll send guidelines
including suggested length, deadline, and format to those whose
proposed contributions match what we'd like to offer our readers.
(If we hear from enough reviewers, we'll attempt to mount more
reviews on our website than we can offer in our print publication.)

Send suggestions/proposals of 50-150 words indicating your
background and expertise (and a few of the websites you might
discuss) to:

Women's Studies Librarian, 430 Memorial Library, 728 State
St., Madison, WI 53706

or call us at 608-263-5754

[Please forward to other lists you think would be interested in this

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Linda Shult 608-263-5754
Editor, Ofc. of Women's Studies Librarian
430 Memorial Library, 728 State St.
Madison, WI 53706
Office URL:

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