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Fri, 01 Nov 96 07:52:58 EST

On Wed, 23 Oct 1996 18:12:16 -0400 said:
> =ECsnipU I was also a teenager obsessed with
>how I looked (how many are not?), yet I managed to achieved in Math and
>Science, even sleeping in rollers every night. There were days I threat=
>to stay home if my hair didn't work out, yet I still won Best of Fair in=
>State Science Fair and competed at the International Science and Enginee=

>Gwynne Ellen Ash

This is fascinating to me and I would love to explore the idea of what in=
universe was different from the experience of most girls. My experience i=
=ECas well as the less anecdotal evidence in Holland & Eisenhart's *Educa=
ted in
Romance*U that it's more common for smart girls to "dumb down" (i.e. they=
to college, but major in elementary science education rather than science=
nursing/PT rather than pre-med; they stay in the college prep program, bu=
they don't win prizes; they take physics, but they don't enter the sci-Fa=

How do you think you managed to avoid this?

nancy morse-kelly

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