Gender Equity in the Classroom & Philosophy

Kim & Al Lewis (
Fri, 1 Nov 1996 18:55:01 -0500

I have been taking a course of the Philosophy of Education at my local
university. This semester I have focused my theme on gender equity issues
in the classroom. I was wondering if anyone has read or knows of any
resources dealing with gender equity in the classroom from a philosophical
viewpoint. We have been studying the works of John Dewey, Nel Noddings,
Joan Tronto, Gertrude Himmelfarb and Benjamin Barber. At this point, John
Dewey seems to be my best bet. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

Kim Lewis

PS. When my 16-year-old daughter was young, she was allowed to play with
whatever she wanted. She had the usual girl toys as well as Tinkertoys,
Lincoln Logs, and primary-colored Legos (BP, before pastels), Hot Wheels
cars and Tonka trucks. She has grown up to be a wonderful athelete
(cheerleading, softball, swimming) as well as a good student. Her career
aspiration? To become an architect. I think it all depends on the messages
that parents give their children when they are young.

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