Toys & Gender: RELIGION/NEWS: Iran designs religiously correct Barbie

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Subject: Toys & Gender: RELIGION/NEWS: Iran designs religiously correct Barbie
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LONDON, Oct. 21 (UPI) -- In another attempt to combat Western
imperialism, Iran has decided to manufacture its own version of a
Barbie doll, the British Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.
The government-owned Children's Cultural Promotion Center is
designing dolls with outfits that conform to strict Muslim codes of
Iran is worried that the U.S.-made, voluptuous Barbies might
harmfully influence Iranian girls and boys.
A spokesman for the center told the BBC that Iran is worried that
girls might want to model themselves on the U.S. image of young
womanhood, while boys could grow up expecting a blond, proportionately
peculiar ideal.
Women in Iran are required to cover themselves from head to toe
with a black garb known as a chador, under which proportions are
difficult to discern. They are also expected to cover their hair with
the chador or a scarf.
Strict interpretation of Muslim law is enforced in Iran by male
morals squads that patrol the streets looking for women whose ankles
show or who might be wearing makeup, another forbidden accessory.
No details were given about Iranian Barbie's dress code or
whether she would have an ensemble of matching robes and head scarves.

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