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I would try, if you haven't already, Nel Noddings, Maxine Greene, Martha
Nussbaum (she's a philosopher but has good things to say that relates to
educ.), Sherman's (I forget her first name) take on Aristotle's vision of
education for character, bell hooks, Amy Gutmann, Beverly Tatum, Maria
Montessori, even Lisa Delpit. These are the names that come to mind right
now. Of course, depending on how you approach "character" education, this
list may be highly relevant or not at all.

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On Sun, 3 Nov 1996 wrote:

> Is anyone aware of any feminist perspectives on the current K-12 character
> education push? I am on a district committee considering implementation of a
> character education curriculum. No where in all of the literature we were
> given to read is a woman quoted, a female educator cited, a feminist theorist
> cited, etc. I don't think after reading over 200 pages that I have a
> well-rounded view of this issue. Have you heard much discussion about this
> issue from a feminist perspective?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
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