Re: Character Education
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 00:33:42 -0500

I attended the National Character Education Conference in St. Louis last
summer and after I reviewed some of my notes and handouts, I couldn't really
find any mention of Character Education from a feminist viewpoint.

There is a book out, "20 Teachable Virtues" by Barbara C. Unell and Jerry L.
Wycoff, Phd. , published by Perigree Books, a division of The Berkley
Publishing Group, 1995. Unell and Wycoff both live in the Kansas City area.
Unell was, until recently, the editor in chief of "Twins" magazine. She was
the only female author that I have come across having written about Character

Another possibility might be to contact The Teel Institute, also in Kansas
City. The Teel Institute is funded through the Kauffman Foundation, and their
Character Education curriculum is titled, "Project Essential." The
Institute's director is Sue Teal and they have a website, or try :

I have heard that Dr. Masha Rudman will have a book published sometime this
winter, which will review children's literature and character education. She
is to present a workshop at the Teel Institute sometime in the near future.

Personally, I don't find the study of Character Education to be gender
specific, or subtley biased. I think that responsibility,equality, honesty,
trustworthiness, empathy, and the countless other "virtues" discussed in
Character Education studies are values important to teach everyone regardless
of gender.

Ellen L. Morris
Early Childhood Educator
Independence Public Schools-Missouri

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