Help w/thesis on affirmative action

Fri, 8 Nov 1996 11:20:00 -0600

I am writing my thesis on affirmative action in college admissions. It will
examine the idea of shifting the basis of affirmative action away from race
and to class or economic disadvantage. The thesis will explore such
policies exclusively within the realm of college admissions. The thesis
will contend that eliminating race-based affirmative action policies in
favor of class-based policies would be detrimental to minority students
because it fails to adequately address the issue of racial discrimination in
education. This debate extends to issues of the significance of race/class
in the US.

Does anyone know of any "class-based" affirmative action policies currently
used to admit students? Is information about their impact available? Do
you have a different perspective on this issue? Are you aware of any
resources available related to this topic? Anything else? If so, please
contact me at the following address:


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