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SHOSHANA MAYER-YOUNG PH.D. (shoshana@research.haifa.ac.il)
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 23:05:37 -0800

Out of cocern for non-achieving girls in science classe, we introduced
this year an all-girls science-enrichment program. Seventeen girls in
the ages 8 and 9 from multicultural and modest SE backgrounds
participate. Our first impression is that girls in this group speak out
more and show more interest than their counterparts in mixed classes of
the same background and abilities. - but of course, it's all just
beginning. All the same, the only change occurring right now is the
gender composition of the group. The curriculum does not as yet contain
other than male-centered contents with only male scientists presented as
authorities. The chief counselor/teacher of the group would like to
introduce women scientists in the areas taught this year -
ASTROPHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, ELECTRICITY. I know there is now a wealth of
info on women scientists whose landmark achievements as well as life and
dedication can arouse respect and serve as role-models, but this is not
stricly my field (I act as general gender consultant and researcher), so
would anybody who knows references, websited etc. of women i n t h e
a b o v e d i s c i p l i n e s share their information with me - and
generally comment on the above? Thanks a lot, Shoshanna.
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