Seven Ways To Honor Holiday Differences

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Excerpted from PROgroup's 1997 multicultural calendar - "Honoring
Complimentary copies of "Honoring Differences" sent to Texaco Chairman Bijur

Minneapolis: Companies looking for ways to recognize the value of a diverse
workforce can begin by using the following seven "How to" steps:

1. Be respectful of others and their holidays. Create an environment that
invites people to share their holidays and special times.

2. Allow people to take personal leave or vacations to observe events
important to them. Remain flexible with work and meeting schedules.

3. Learn and ask about various backgrounds, cultures and tradition, even
those not represented in your community.

4. Acknowledge special days through newsletters, E-mail, bulletin boards.
Serve ethnic foods, make videos, books and other materials available.

5. Honoring means respecting the significant days, holidays and special
times that are important to others. Appreciate that everyone doesn't
celebrate the "big" holidays, such as Christmas.

6. Reach out into the community and invite others to participate,
particularly during month-long celebrations like Black History Month.

7. Think and Plan. Be considerate in scheduling meetings, classes, work,
deadlines and events while keeping consistent with good business practices.

Honoring Differences=99, PROgroup's 1997 multicultural calendar, features=
150 significant events, holiday and celebrations. This colorful 81/2" x 11"
calendar contains brief summaries on the significance of each date and a
"how to" guide for honoring and celebrating within any organization.

PROgroup has send five complimentary copies of Honoring Differences=99 to
Texaco Chairman Peter Bijur as a good will gesture, given Texaco's current
difficulties and the clear and present need for such information. Founded in
1986, PROgroup is a diversity consulting company which provides on-site
consulting services and programs, and develops and publishes corporate
training programs for nearly every industry from Fortune 500 companies to
non-profit organizations.

The 1997 "Honoring Difference=99" calendar is available through PROgroup=
$14.95 each plus shipping and handling. Quantity discounts are available.

For further information, please contact: PROgroup, One Main Street S.E., Ste
200, Minneapolis, MN, 55414, 1-800-651-4093.

Bob Jenkins=20
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