gender equity in sports

Thorsen, Carolyn (
Mon, 25 Nov 96 16:52:00 est

It has been true for years that most colleges and universities use mens
sports as a means to get free advertising and publicity. And, since most
schools are still run by men, they do not see that women athletes can
achieve the same goal.

Yet, if a school had a great gymnastics team or track team with a womens
program it would certainly attract attention. Look how many people attend
these sports at the Olympics. But the old adage, follow the money, is still
the reason that the men who run the schools do not want to change it. They
are afraid that the alums will not support the programs if the men do not
get priority. I find it amusing that a liberal ivy league school like Brown
would fight so hard against womens athletic programs. Somehow, I think they
would want to lead the charge. But saying it and doing it are not the same.
I believe in gender equity for atheletes and support womens efforts to
achieve it. But I don't think the school administrators agree with me.

Tom Thorsen

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