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avril chalmers (
Tue, 26 Nov 1996 18:01:29 -0700

>Dear equity folks,
> I am looking for an answer to the following question:
>Do male children (most likely of Scottish descent) in Britain who wear
>kilts refer to them as skirts or kilts? This question directly relates
>to a debate that recently broke out in an education class here at the
>University of Vermont.

So far as I know kilts are always referred to as kilts, not skirts. The
design of a kilt is distinctive and I've never heard it referred to as a
skirt in Britain. When I was a girl in school in Scotland I wore a kilt
and otherwise, dresses or skirts, but my kilt was never a skirt. Also, I
don't think boys wear kilts for everyday. They're usually reserved for
dress occasions i.e. the formal dress of a Scottish boy or man.

What an odd question.


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