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Bill Oetjen- If you ever have the pleasure of spending time in Scotland,
you will find that kilts are very traditional and the plaid patterns relate
to the ''clan'' that they are decended from. Men, boys and small children
wear them with pride and are most often seen wearing them at weddings and
other formal gatherings. They are very expensive to buy; about $1000
dollars for a compleat outfit. No one would spend that much money on this
garb and not wear it. No, girls still wear skirts but the kilt is a
traditional costume that men wear with pride. The real question is not what
you call them, it's what does a man wear under a kilt? Regards Tom

We knew this, didn't we? c
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Dear equity folks,

I am looking for an answer to the following question:
Do male children (most likely of Scottish descent) in Britain who wear
kilts refer to them as skirts or kilts? This question directly relates
to a debate that recently broke out in an education class here at the
University of Vermont.
Do boys who wear them attach any significance whatsoever to the
identification of their garment as "kilts" or as "skirts?"
Do they have any preference for one term over the other?

Please help me, my reputation is riding on this!

Bill Oetjen

I have a Scottish colleague here in New Zealand who had this to say

KILTS. They are NEVER referred to as skirts by Scottish people. The
kilt has VERY strong significance to the history of Scotland and in no
way should the name ever be messed with!

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