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The Feminist Majority Foundation Online
-- http://www.feminist.org --
has expanded its online store. The site that brings you daily feminist
news, current action items, a calendar of feminist events, a host of
research materials, resources, an Internet Gateway and much more now
features a Feminist Online Store of feminist gifts.

Do all of your holiday shopping for your feminist friends and family
members right from our site. Choose from a number of feminist T-shirts,
gifts, and hard-to-find books or from our extensive selection of fun,
entertaining, and educational gifts for young feminists. Gifts for
feminists of all ages include a feminist CD compilation, feminist
computer screen savers and wallpaper, a feminism mug and much more! We
also carry a number of Rock for Choice products.

Purchase autographed books from favorite feminist mystery authors in our
featured Feminist Mystery Corner. Also read new reviews and submit your
favorite authors and books through our new interactive features and find
links to feminist mystery writers, backlists, and mystery Web sites.
Listen to the "The Rise of the Feminist Sleuth" panel of feminist
mystery authors from Expo '96 for Women's Empowerment.

The Feminist Majority Online Store can take care of all your holiday
needs at the click of a mouse. You can reach the store through the
Feminist Majority Foundation homepage. When you're done shopping, stop
by and see some of our site's other features, including our Feminist
Arts, Literature and Enterntainment Center, Feminist Events Calendar,
Feminist Career Center, and more!

The Feminist Majority Foundation Online

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