Free Feminist Bookstores Catalog for Classroom Distribution

Lisa McGowan (
Thu, 5 Dec 1996 09:40:21 -0800 (PST)

The Feminist Bookstores' Catalog is a beautiful 40 page catalog
featuring a
wide selection of books from feminist, independent, university and corporate
presses that celebrate women's lives and work. It is given away in the 100+
Feminist Bookstore Network member stores, and this year we're making bulk
copies available to women's studies teachers to give away in their classes
for the cost of postage: $10.00 per 250-copy carton.

The Catalog includes a directory of all the feminist bookstores in the
and Canada (which is a great resource for students headed "home" for the
holidays) and it serves as a great discussion starter re: why do feminist
bookstores exist; why is the existence of feminist presses important, and
how do their publishing programs differ from those of mainstream corporate
publishers'; why do we need a feminist literature; etc.

If you'd like a carton (or several) just send us a check for
and the address you'd like them shipped to. For faster turnaround, e-mail or
fax us (415-626-8970) your address along with a VISA or M/C # you'd like
postage billed to. Please call for shipping charges to addresses outside of
the U.S.

Individual copies of the catalog are also available for $2.00 (to cover
shipping costs). -- Or pick up a free copy at your local feminist bookstore.
(and if you're not sure where the closest feminist bookstore is, visit the
Feminist Bookstores Index on the Web at:

Lisa McGowan
Feminist Bookstore News
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