Harassment Game contact

marcia braundy (mbraundy@pro.net)
Mon, 9 Dec 1996 23:09:56 -0800

>If you are looking for harassment materials to use in a workshop--you might
>want to consider a boardgame I use called Harassment: The Game that Lets
>You Be the Judge--it costs about $20 and contains 156 cases and arguments
>(many of which are based on real cases)--you win by guessing how your
>fellow team mates will vote. I go t it from TDC Games in Wood Dale
>Illinois. It covers harassment on a variety of topics--not just sexual.
>I would be most grateful if someone could put a contact name and address
and phone number with this that would tell me how to access it. Thanks.
Marcia Braundy
Advocate for women in trades, technology, operations and blue collar work
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