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Happy New Year!

As I reminded Linda, there's a couple of "old"documents" Profile of an
Equitable Classroom" and "Equitable School Continuum" that can be used for
assessment. I think you have copies in your files somewhere -- they have a
copyright, but can be freely used as long as credit is given...

Ray Rose

>Could those responding to Ms. Shevitz's request please also share their
>information over this listserve, as I too am very interested in this topic
>and know that others may be as well. Thanks very much!
>Bob McLaughlin
>Eisenhower Regional Alliance
>On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Shevitz wrote:
>> The Maryland State Department of Education assists local school districts
>> in implementing Education That Is Multicultual Regulations that require
>> Five Year Plans to address curriculum, instruction, and staff development
>> concerns. I am looking for examples of self-assessment instruments that
>> local districts might be able to adapt to evaluate inclusion of
>> multicultural, gender-fair practices in their plans. Does anyone have
>> sample assessment tools or assessment guidelines? Please let me know
>> through edequity or by calling me at 410-767-0428 or faxing me at
>> 410-767-0431, Thanks and Happy New Year! Linda Shevitz, Maryland State
>> Department of Education (

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