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I would like to see the two documents you are mentioning, Ray Rose,
please, can you be more specific as to where others of us might find
them? Thanks.

Vannetta Perry
On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Raymond M. Rose wrote:

> Bob:
> Happy New Year!
> As I reminded Linda, there's a couple of "old"documents" Profile of an
> Equitable Classroom" and "Equitable School Continuum" that can be used for
> assessment. I think you have copies in your files somewhere -- they have a
> copyright, but can be freely used as long as credit is given...
> Ray Rose
> >Could those responding to Ms. Shevitz's request please also share their
> >information over this listserve, as I too am very interested in this topic
> >and know that others may be as well. Thanks very much!
> >
> >Bob McLaughlin
> >Co-Director
> >Eisenhower Regional Alliance
> >
> >On Thu, 9 Jan 1997, Shevitz wrote:
> >
> >> The Maryland State Department of Education assists local school districts
> >> in implementing Education That Is Multicultual Regulations that require
> >> Five Year Plans to address curriculum, instruction, and staff development
> >> concerns. I am looking for examples of self-assessment instruments that
> >> local districts might be able to adapt to evaluate inclusion of
> >> multicultural, gender-fair practices in their plans. Does anyone have
> >> sample assessment tools or assessment guidelines? Please let me know
> >> through edequity or by calling me at 410-767-0428 or faxing me at
> >> 410-767-0431, Thanks and Happy New Year! Linda Shevitz, Maryland State
> >> Department of Education (
> >>
> >>
> >>
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