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Dear fellow list subscribers,

I am posting this message to announce an exceptional professional
development opportunity for those of you who:

**are experts in a wide range of technical areas (engineering,
environment, health, legal, financial, managerial, economics,
education, etc.), and

**wish to make a lasting and invaluable contribution to the way your
organization (public, non-profit, private sector) approaches and
executes its mission.

The University of Florida leads a consortium of private and public
sector organizations implementing a new USAID-funded program, the
Worldwide Women in Development (WWID) Fellows Program. The
consortium consists of Datex, Inc., the Center for PVO/University
Collaboration in Development, and Bennett College. The overall goal
of the program is to more fully integrate gender into international
development programs, as well as U.S. institutions with which fellows
are associated.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in this excellent
opportunity, please pass the attached information along. The
deadline is coming up. We look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea K. Freeman
Program Assistant, WWID
Datex, Inc.
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Professional Development Opportunities:

The Worldwide Women in Development (WorldWID) Fellows Program offers
mid-career professionals a unique opportunity to expand their
established technical expertise by including the field of Gender and
Development (GAD)/Women in Development (WID) through high level
training in gender analysis and a field placement with the U.S.
Agency for International Development (USAID).

The program seeks individuals with professional experience relevant
to one of USAID's strategic concerns in: (1) democracy, governance
and human rights, (2) economic growth, (3) human capacity
development, (4) health, population and nutrition, and (5)
environment and natural resources.

WorldWID Fellowships involve:

(a) 2 months of specialized training and orientation to equip Fellows
for their assignment in USAID, followed by
(b) a 5-9 month assignment in Washington, D.C. or in a field Mission
(Africa, Asia & the Near East, Latin America & the Caribbean,
Central & Eastern Europe or the Newly Independent States) during
which Fellows will work with USAID on specific WID-related activities.

The Fellowship includes a monthly stipend of $2500, domestic and
international travel, as well as some support for overseas living


* Mid-career professionals, both men and women, with recognized
technical expertise and experience in an area relevant to USAID's
strategic concerns (domestic and/or international).
* Strong personal commitment to integrating WID expertise and
gender analysis into their own work, institutions, and professional
* Demonstrated institutional support and a position to return to upon
completion of the Fellowship.
* U.S. citizen.

Special attention is being focused on recruiting Fellows from
minority groups, who have been traditionally under-represented in
the administration of U.S.-supported foreign assistance programs.

The WorldWID Program is being implemented by a University of
Florida-led consortium, representing the public and private sectors.
Consortium members are Datex, Inc., the Center for PVO/University
Collaboration in Development, and Bennett College

Deadlines for application are March 1, 1997 and March 1, 1998.

For more information contact:
Dr. Virginia Seitz, WorldWID
Office of International Studies and Programs
P.O. Box 113225
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 32611
Tel: (352)392-7074, Fax: (352)392-8379
Or visit our web site at
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