FW: Multi-cultural Work

Thorsen, Carolyn (CTHORSEN@smc.ceismc.gatech.edu)
Mon, 13 Jan 97 16:02:00 est

For those of you who wanted to see responses to Linda, here's one. Dr.
Finley developed his instruments as part of the Georgia Initiative for Math
and Science.

Carolyn Thorsen, Associate Director and Principal Investigator of InGEAR
Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics and Computing
Georgia Institute of Technology
From: Bergin, Kathleen
To: Linda Shevitz
Cc: Thorsen, Carolyn
Subject: Multi-cultural Work
Date: Monday, January 13, 1997 8:12AM

In response to your query below....you may want to contact Dr. John
Finley.....as part of our SSI work related to Diversity, we have developed a
Diversity Profile/Audit Instrument that helps you look at your classroom
settings in relation to the Diversity Framework....a policy document also
developed through Dr. Finley's leadership....he can be reached at
jfinleyjr@aol.com...............hope this helps....I'd appreciate hearing
what else you find available and useful....so that we might add it to our
work....thanks....Kathleen Bergin, CEISMC, Georgia Institute of Technology

The Maryland State Department of Education assists local school districts
in implementing Education That Is Multicultual Regulations that require
Five Year Plans to address curriculum, instruction, and staff development
concerns. I am looking for examples of self-assessment instruments that
local districts might be able to adapt to evaluate inclusion of
multicultural, gender-fair practices in their plans. Does anyone have
sample assessment tools or assessment guidelines? Please let me know
through edequity or by calling me at 410-767-0428 or faxing me at
410-767-0431, Thanks and Happy New Year! Linda Shevitz, Maryland State
Department of Education (shev3@radix.net).

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