[RA-Equity-SC] online national calendar about equity events

KatherinH (KatherinH@edc.org)
Fri, 17 Jan 1997 15:17:41 -0500

I thought the following information, providd by Bob McLaughlin, would be of
interest to our EDEQUITY colleagues. --Katherine Hanson, WEEA
*** Regional Alliance Equity
*** Steering Committee Network
*** Bob McLaughlin <mclaughb@quark.vsc.edu>

Dear equity task force colleagues, regional equity network steering
committee members, and other equity advocates

There is an online calendar of equity events that you might want to know
about and use. The Deseg Assistance Cytr based at Kansas State
University has created a simple and useful online calendar of equity
events which they have encouraged all 10 DACs across the country to use.
They also have invited the Eisenhower Regional Consorttia to use this
calendar as well as anyone else who wants to disseminate information
about coming equity-related events.

To access and/or contribute to the calendar, point your Web browser to:


and click on calendars.

Folks with their own Web sites might want to point to this resource.

-- Bob McLaughlin
Eisenhower Regional Alliance
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