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Ray and other edequity subscribers,

I am not certain what the status of the copyrights is for the two equity
tools Ray has mentioned, but I do know that the Eisenhower National
Clearinghouse, in partnership with the 10 regional Eisenhower consortia,
are planning to nationally distribute -- for *free* -- a CD-ROM entitled,
"Equity Resource Guide" which I believe will contain these 2 documents as
well as a wide range of other excellent equity tools. When this CD-ROM is
available, I'll make sure we announce it here. It will be sent to the
CD-ROM manufacturers by end of September then mailed out to interested
schools and teacher educators across the country, for use on both Mac and
PC computers.

-- Bob McLaughlin
Eisenhower Regional Alliance

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Raymond M. Rose wrote:

> I was part of a team that developed the two documents referenced. To the
> best of my knowledge they are not available electronically. The copywrite
> is held by the agency I worked at at the time, and I've got permission to
> put them up on our site, but it's low on the priority list. The Regional
> Alliance at TERC may have hardcopy, they were very broadly distributed.
> Hope that helps
> Ray
> >I would like to see the two documents you are mentioning, Ray Rose,
> >please, can you be more specific as to where others of us might find
> >them? Thanks.
> >
> >Vannetta Perry
> >On Fri, 10 Jan 1997, Raymond M. Rose wrote:
> >
> >> As I reminded Linda, there's a couple of "old"documents" Profile of an
> >> Equitable Classroom" and "Equitable School Continuum" that can be used for
> >> assessment. I think you have copies in your files somewhere -- they have a
> >> copyright, but can be freely used as long as credit is given...
> >>
> >> Ray Rose
> >
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