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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 11:31:05 -0800

Could whoever responds to the following message please respond to the
edequity list? I also am interested in the segment.

Thank you.

At 02:05 PM 1/17/97 -1000, you wrote:
>This request was made to be my our state technical assistance resource
>person. Does anyone know where we can get a copy of the NBC Dateline
>segment with the Sadkers on Failing at Fairness?
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>Date: Wed, 15 Jan 1997 10:38:04 -1000
>From: Ada Toyama/OIS/HIDOE <Ada_Toyama/OIS/>
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>Subject: Help!!!
>Tried to order NBC Dateline videotape on gender bias in the classroom. You
>might have seen it with Jane Pauley titled Failing at Fairness to coincide
>the release of the Sadkers' book. They told Gail, our secretary here, that
>segment aired on April 7, 1992 is no longer available for sale and that the
>copyright has expired. Through your nextwork, can you locate a decent copy
>staff development training. I have a copy of a copy and my version has poor
>color quality--really difficult to sit through it.

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