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From: Raymond M Rose@CONCORD CONSORTIUM on 01/21/97 03:54 PM

Yes is sounds like a possible case of sh. But one incident may not be
considered sh by a strict contructionist. Also, based on your brief
description, would one incident be likely to be considered as a evidence of
a hostile environment. Was she a good student or having trouble already?
Isn't this just an excuse to deal with poor performance from a tought
teacher? Sorry to push, I could have given you the same type of response
Melissa did. I used to give those out frequently.

If the district isn't intersted in really remediating the apparent problem
with the faculty member it could be messey. That's not a reason to not
fight, but it's also important to understand that SH is often not a simple
issue and right doesn't always easily win out.

Is there a district policy? Did the students follow it im making
complaints? Is the district following it in attmpting to resolve the
complaint? What's the orientation of the district top administration to
this issue? Do you have a sense that they are going through the motions or
willing to take a hard stance? Is this a show? Do they want to get rid of
this teacher and have "latched" on to this as a reason without fully
supporting the SH policy?

This may not be an easy battle, but like Melissa I wish you strength.

Ray Rose
Director, Education Technology Lab
Concord Consortium, Concord, MA 01742

mponder@edcc.ctc.edu on 01/21/97 11:55:22 AM

Please respond to edequity@tristram.edc.org

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Hi Candace,

I would say the situation your daughter has been in could definitely
constitute sexual harassment. The comment the teacher made show gender
bias. It also sounds like his classroom could be considered a hostile
environment and obviously inhibited her from fully participating in class
in anticipation of comments from him, which then hindered her and others'
academic growth.

Many wishes of strength for you, your family, and your community.

Melissa S.K. Ponder
NW Center for Equity and Diversity
20000 68th Ave. W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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