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"Math is hard."
-- Teen Talk Barbie(TM)

Here is an example of society's contribution to what I call Educational
inequity. Whether we charge mattel with Sexual Harassment or not I think
it is obvious the possible negative effects teen talk Barbie cand and did
A definition of educational equity "The essence of equity lies in our
ability to acknowledge that even if our actions are in accord with a
particular set of rules or even if certain social arrangements are
established and traditional, the results of those actions or of the
arrangements may still be unjust." Secada--is a good reference or
beginning to explain regardless of whether the teachers comments fall
exactly into sh description or not the behaviour is unjust. Battling the
system is not easy and God knows I have been involved in many being the
only female in a male bastian. However in this case cahnge is what you
want (my assumption).

THere was a great article in the Toronto Star a few years ago about
equity. Here is a quote from that article
Ontario research, for example, suggests that fewer than 1% of graduating
teacher education students have been exposed to even the most cursory
consideration of gender issues in education.
"One consultant stated: "To my knowledge the faculties of education are
doing virtually nothing to train their students in either sex equity or
issues around employment equity or any target groups." She went on to
call this a 'gigantic gap' in the training of student teachers." [Brown,
B., 1991]

You may not 'get' this teacher on sh but a training course or at least
some discussion on the effects of this behaviour appears to be
necessary. Sadly I am sure he is not alone.

Good luck, and hopefully all the support that has been generated from
this list serve will be helpful to your daughter.
Professor of Mathematics,
School of Aviation and Flight Technology
Seneca College
North York, Ontario

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