AB: New Book on Women's Poverty in the United States

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RE: AB: New Book on Women's Poverty in the United States

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Subject: AB: New Book on Women's Poverty in the United States
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Women's Poverty in the United States
Diane Dujon and Ann Withorn, editors

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD brings the voices of welfare mothers, activists, and
advocates, as well as scholars, together in a powerful challenge to the
current attack on welfare rights. Moving the focus of debate away from
eliminating welfare to eliminating poverty, Dujon and Withorn combine
powerful personal accounts with analysis of women's poverty to present a
strategic view of why fighting for welfare rights must be a cornerstone in
any successful campaign for economic and social justice.

In this collection, a diverse group of women -- including well-known
writers and activists such as Mimi Abramovitz, Frances Fox Piven, and
Marian Kramer -- urge us to look beyond "traditional solutions" to women's
poverty, such as workfare programs and electoral politics, to make more
fundamental social and economic changes to improve women's lives.

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD shows the links between women on welfare and all women,
between families seeking assistance and all families, between mothers who
work at home and all workers.

Invite one of the contributors to this important book to speak at your
Womens' History Month celebrations! For more information about the
speakers, contact People's Tribune Speakers Bureau at 312-486-3551 or by
e-mail to speakers@mcs.com.

Books are $22 each. Call South End Press toll free at 1-800-533-8478.
Organizations can request a 40% discount on orders of five or more.

Sandra Reid
Coordinator, People's Tribune Speakers Bureau

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