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> I think it would be interesting to consider the role of "course topic" in
> how males and females perceive male/female professors. That is, is that
> males always prefer males and females-females or does it depend what the
> course is (engineering vs. chemistry vs. family studies vs. child
> development). Just a quick thought.
> At 5:17 PM 1/22/97, Bendfeldt, Melani LITTLE-GRAPE wrote:
> >Hello all:
> >
> >I am writing to update you on my study of gender differences in
> >student evaluations. I posted a message at the beginning of December
> >stating that I was starting to research this. I have now collected
> >a great deal of research and am thinking about a hypothesis.
> >I have narrowed it down to two possible hypotheses:
> >1. Male and female professors may have teaching styles that appeal
> >more to students of the same gender.
> >2. Gender stereo-typic qualities play a role in the evaluation of
> >college professors.
> >I met with my professor today and he seemed to think either of these
> >hypotheses were "do-able".
> >I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts or suggestions for
> >me regarding this topic. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> >Thanks so much.
> >Sincerely,
> >Melani Bendfeldt
> >Marist College
> >
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This is going to be an interesting thesis. I wonder if its worth
considering whether the method of evaluation is a mediating factor;
are some forms of evaluation more susceptble to gender stereotyping
than others - can you help students to move beyond stereotypical
responses in their evaluations if your evaluation method limits the
opportunity to respond in this way - I don't know the answer but I'm
guessing that a question like Does this lecturer retrn your
assignments within 10 days? is less likely to produce a
stereotypical response than Does this lecturer return your
assignments promptly?

Good luck wiht your work

Helen Rowsell

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