Bendfeldt, Melani LITTLE-GRAPE (KRLR@Maristb.MARIST.EDU)
Tue, 28 Jan 1997 11:24:05 EST

Hello All:
I really appreciate all the replys I have received from people
on this list interested in my research on gender bias in student
evaluations of college professors for my Masters. Now, I am trying to
organize the research I have gathered into a meaningful review
of literature. I cannot decide whether to organize it into
a historical review of literature showing the movement from
the 1970's to present, or to do a review of literature which starts
out broad and moves to more specific, leading to my hypothesis;
Gender-stereotypic qualities play a role in the evaluation of college
professors. I was wondering if anyone knows the trend in research,
and questions asked about this topic? For instance, would it even
be possible to do a historical literature review? I hope I was clear
about expressing myself, this is all new to me! :)
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to reply to me privately at,
unless others are interested in this topic.
Thanks so much.
Melani Bendfeldt
knows the trends regarding this issue?

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