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GN>Just passing this along in case anyone is interested.

GN>Dianne Rothenberg
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I wanted to let you know about a new publication a colleague and I have
developed with career news for girls. It's A Living! tells what it is like
today for working women in all types of jobs -- traditional,nontraditional
and entrepreneurial. We answer the questions girls might ask: What are
the jobs women find meaningful? What are women succeeding at today? How did
they prepare for these jobs? How did they find them? What's their life like?
The first issue will be available by March 1.

Two thirds of all entry-level jobs in the U.S. are held by women, but
there are women who are succeeding at their work, with success defined as
doing meaningful work that supports a full lifestyle. By profiling these
women, provide role models for girls. We want to encourage girls to explore
many careers and choose meaningful work that will lead to their own economic
independence. We have prepared the first issue in time for Take Your
Daughters To Work Day in April.

You can preview the premier issue of It's A Living! at, where you will find information about
how to subscribe. Please share this information with groups you think might
be interested in our publication, and link it to web sites with traffic you
think would benefit from knowing about it.


Linda Thornburg


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