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I looked through some files and found information on the Women's Action
Alliance, which Jo Sanders is affiliated with. Though I didn't find the
publication you mentioned, I found a couple other titles, and I can also
give you info on the organization itself.

"Beginning Equal: A Manual About Nonsexist Childrearing for Infants and
Toddlers," $9.75

"Nonsexist Education for Young Childrent: A Practical Guide," $4.95

"Equal Their Chances: Children's Activities for Nonsexist Learning," $6.95

Women's Action Alliance
370 Lexington Avenue, Suite 603
New York NY 10017

I hope this helps.


>I am looking for the publication, "Gender Equity Right From the Start" by
>Jo Sanders, Janice Koch and Josephine Urso. Does anyone know where I can
>locate it?
>Thank you in advance,


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