Bendfeldt, Melani LITTLE-GRAPE (KRLR@Maristb.MARIST.EDU)
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 14:45:45 EST

Hello Everyone:
Well- I am writing to give an update on my Masters Thesis dealing
with gender bias in student evaluations of college professors.
I have met with my professor and he and I have decided on the
following hypothesis:
Gender stereo-typic qualities play a role in the evaluation of
college professors.

Recently, I wrote asking for suggestions for my review of literature
- either to do a historical lit review or one which runs broad
to more specific. I have finally come to <some> conclusions
about my review of literature also. I have decided to break it
down into headings running broad to specific - One heading will be
Factors which effect college professors evaluations.
The next heading will relate to Gender stereotypes and/or qualities -
For instance:
masculine or feminine type traits, social interactions, etc.
Then, I hope to be able to make a connection between the two
which I haven't really seen done in current literature...making my
thesis original!
As I begin to write my review of literature, I am looking for
suggestions regarding methodology.....
The only idea I have at this point is to use the Bem Sex Role survey.
Does anyone know of any other pre-established instruments which could
be of use to me, which I may be able to alter to more fit my needs?
Any suggestions regarding methodology, operationalizing, and
collecting data would be very greatly appreciated. THANKS SO MUCH.
Melani Bendfeldt

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