Miz Wizard's Science Secrets

JOYCE NELSON-LEAF (equity@nevada.edu)
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 15:57:17 -0800 (PST)

I want to inform you about an excellent performance and performer (if you
haven't heard of her) we had here last night. Jane Curry performed her
new solo show, Miz Wizard's Science Secrets. Her performance invites
you to join Barbara Knight, aka Miz Wizard, as she prepares for and tapes
the premiere show of Miz Wizard's Science Secrets for public access cable
TV, channel 82. She tells stories about women's contributions to science,
engineering, invention and math . . . about revolutionary research and
media portrayals . . . about obstacles faced and overcome by women whose
passion is discovery. Meet Nobel Prize winners and girl inventors. Miz
Wizard even conducts demonstrations--most of the time they don't explode.

Approximately 90 minutes; the show incorporates slides, video, music,
demonstrations, storytelling--even a riddle and a story problem.
Versions appropriate for younger audiences (grades 6 and up) or a
shorter time period are also available.

This was an excellent, enlightening and enjoyable evening. Jane Curry is
really wonderful to work with and she's fun to be around too. For more
information or for booking, you may contact her at 5048 37th Avenue
South, Minneapolis, MN 55417, telephone: (612) 729-6457, fax: (612)
729-2826, and e-mail: 76351.24342compuserve.com

Joyce Nelson-Leaf, EERC, UNLV

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