WorldWID Fellows Program: Special Notice

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Tue, 18 Feb 1997 10:27:56 +0000

Dear EDEQUITY subscribers,

I would like to supplement an announcement which I posted previously
to this e-list regarding the Worldwide Women in Development Fellows

News of the Fellowship has been extremely well received, both by
applicants and USAID missions (and USAID-funded programs abroad)
alike. In fact, many missions have expressed interested in hosting
and working with Fellows. Following is a list of some of the more
specific requests for Fellows that we have received from USAID field
missions. These potential placements IN NO WAY limit the candidacy
of those applicants whose areas of interest and specialization lie
outside these requests. We do realize that this second announcement
arrives with very short notice, as the application deadline is March
1, 1997. However, we just wanted to encourage potential applicants
to seriously consider this Fellowship opportunity, particularly if
their areas of expertise coincide with the following list of
requests and possibilities.

Should you have any questions regarding WorldWID and the placements,
please contact :
Dr. Virginia Seitz, WorldWID
Office of International Studies and Programs
P.O. Box 113225
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
Tel: (352) 392-7074, Fax: (352) 392-8379
Or visit our web site at
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Special Recruitment for WorldWID Fellowship Program:

The Worldwide Women in Development Fellowship Program is requesting
applications from mid-career professionals who are U.S. citizens and
have institutional support for their application to our program. We
are especially interested in applicants who have qualifications
appropriate for the following possible field assignments. PLEASE
remember that there will also be additional opportunities for
placements, and that all negotiations with USAID and USAID-funded
programs on placements are made by the WorldWID Program Staff. What
follows is a list of requests and possibilities to date. PLEASE NOTE

BRAZIL: The are two possibilities in Brazil. The first would
require a person with experience in the Amazon region in forestry,
agroforestry, natural resource management, and community
participation. The second would require a person with expertise in
a field associated with USAID's energy program in Brazil.
Portuguese required for both.

CAMBODIA: The are two possibilities in Cambodia. A person with
experience in rural development and agriculture, with experience in
Asia or rice production a plus. The second possibility in natural
resource management with emphasis on water resources. French
speaker preferred.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Possible placement in community development
and/or natural resource management. Spanish required.

EGYPT: Person with experience in formal and/or nonformal education
to work on girls' education objective. Knowledge of social and
cultural dimensions of working in the Middle East a plus. Arabic
speaker preferred.

EL SALVADOR: Person with skills and experience in the areas of legal
rights, human rights and women's political participation. Spanish

HONDURAS: Person with skills and experience in natural resource
management and community development to work in promoting poor urban
families' access to waste treatment systems and environmental and
health education. Spanish required.

INDIA: Placement request for a person with skills and experience
related to at least one of these areas: improving women's access to
credit; girls education; and violence against women. Knowledge of
India society and culture a plus.

MALI: A person with a social science degree and experience in health
education and/or knowledge of AIDS. Goal is to work with NGOs in
helping women facing AIDS. Familiarity with West African cultures
and societies a plus. French desirable.

ROMANIA: Person with skills in communications, health, or related
social science field. To develop a communications campaign around
the issues of women's reproductive rights. Working knowledge of
French desirable. Fluency in Romanian highly desirable.

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Thanks for posting. We look forward to hearing from you.
Andrea K. Freeman
Program Assistant

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