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Subject: NCRVE Teacher Education Initiative--Program Nomination
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Date: 2/14/97 2:37 PM

We'd like to post this call once again. We would appreciate the
nomination of your own program or someone else's. Please nominate a
program even though you can only provide the name of the program and
a contact person. We will follow up on potential nominees.
Thank you!

Teacher Learning in the Workplace and Community
The NCRVE Teacher Education Initiative

Call for Program Nominations

In response to the call for educational reform, mounting concern has
been expressed regarding the role of teacher education and
professional development in sustaining these reforms. To date, relatively
little attention has been given to the preparation and development of
teachers* expertise in "learning and doing"--a central element in the
development of authentic pedagogy. Both the school-to-work initiative
and high quality vocational education programs have posited the
importance of connecting work-based and school based learning
experiences, yet most teachers have only limited experience outside of
education. The success of educational reform efforts will depend, in
large part, on teacher*s efforts to guide student learning and the
development of generalizable knowledge from workplace and community
based learning experiences.

In this project, NCRVE investigators are searching for professional
development and teacher education programs and practices such as
those outlined below. After additional information is gathered, the
programs deemed most promising by the Project Steering Team will be
site visited and subsequently described in a case study. Additionally,
these programs will be featured at a National Seminar to be conducted
October 20-21, 1997 in Madison Wisconsin.

Additional information about the NCRVE Teacher Education Initiative may
be obtained from the Center on Education and Work web site at:

Nomination Criteria

We solicit your nomination of potential programs/initiatives that we might
investigate. The programs/initiatives being considered should exemplify
the following criteria:

*The program/initiative focuses on increasing student academic
attainment and their successful transition from school to work and/or
postsecondary education.

*The program/initiative focuses on experiential learning for
pre-service and/or in-service educators. These models could include:

--Professional development schools/centers that build on collaborative
efforts between schools, school districts, universities, and local
business organizations. Professional development centers might
sponsor: industry tours and teacher internship programs, mentor
training for workplace supervisors, specialty workshops on developing
integrated curriculum or performance and portfolio assessment, or similar
professional development experiences.

--School-to-Work leadership academies or programs sponsored by local
businesses to assist educational leaders in improving organizational
development and management skills.

--Instructor-led action research networks though which teachers
collaborate in examining teaching, curriculum, and assessment strategies
in local school-to-work systems.

--State agency or university sponsored internship programs in which
teachers and counselors acquire hands-on experiences in modern
workplaces that enable them to revise curriculum materials, develop new
approaches to teamwork and problem-solving, and make other informed
changes to teaching, counseling practices, and learning experiences.

--The program/initiative has available some evidence describing
implementation and/or outcomes.

Teacher Learning in the Workplace and Community
Program Nomination Form

Program Title:


Contact Person:


Phone Number:

Fax Number:


Please provide a brief description of the program/initiative. If possible,
include pertinent information regarding: the sponsoring agency or
institution(s), the number and type of participating educators, and the
goals and design of the program/initiative.

By March 1, 1997, please forward the completed form and supporting
documents to:


Christine Maidl
Center on Education and Work
964 Educational Sciences
1025 W. Johnson St.
Madison, WI 53706-1796

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