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At 9:23 AM -0500 2/19/97, KatherinH wrote:
>I am forwarding this announcement that appeared on STWNet. --Katherine
>Subject: NCRVE Teacher Education Initiative--Program Nomination
>From: at Internet
>Date: 2/14/97 2:37 PM
>We'd like to post this call once again. We would appreciate the
>nomination of your own program or someone else's. Please nominate a
>program even though you can only provide the name of the program and
>a contact person. We will follow up on potential nominees.
>Thank you!
>Teacher Learning in the Workplace and Community
>The NCRVE Teacher Education Initiative


>Additional information about the NCRVE Teacher Education Initiative may
>be obtained from the Center on Education and Work web site at:
> http:\\

Most people will probably correct the direction of the slashmarks and
eliminate the extra space automatically, but the correct for this URL is

A very interesting project and Center.

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