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I would also be interested in replies to the message below. Can anyone who
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>Subject: Nontraditional Training and Gender Equity for Guidance Counselors
>From: Rizzolo Angela <> at Internet
>Date: 2/18/97 1:50 PM
>Greetings. I am looking for some examples and best practices for a
>workshop I will be conducting in April.
>I would like information on training programs for Guidance Counselors K-12
>and beyond on introducing non-traditional occupations to students. Any
>training information on Gender Equity in school curriculum or best practices
>of schools who have successfully done this.
>Or any School to Work projects that are attempting this.
>Please send to:
> Angela Rizzolo
> U.S. Department of Labor/ Women's Bureau
> e-mail:
>Angela Rizzolo
>U.S. Department of Labor/Women's Bureau
>617-565-1986 (FAX)
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