Re: Nontraditional Training and Gender Equity for Guidance Counselors

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I don't have much detail yet about this, but I do know that Ms. Patricia
Martin at the American Assn. for Higher Education is heading up a national
multi-year effort to support the professional development of guidance
counselors to support their professionalism as well as their skill in
handling and alleviating inequities, both in their own practices as well
as in the practice of other school personnel. She can be reached at

Bob Mclaughlin
Eisenhower Regional Alliance

On Thu, 20 Feb 1997, Rizzolo Angela wrote:

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> Subject: Nontraditional Training and Gender Equity for Guidance Counselors
> From: Rizzolo Angela <> at Internet
> Date: 2/18/97 1:50 PM
> Greetings. I am looking for some examples and best practices for a
> workshop I will be conducting in April.
> I would like information on training programs for Guidance Counselors K-12
> and beyond on introducing non-traditional occupations to students. Any
> training information on Gender Equity in school curriculum or best practices
> of schools who have successfully done this.
> Or any School to Work projects that are attempting this.
> Please send to:
> Angela Rizzolo
> U.S. Department of Labor/ Women's Bureau
> e-mail:
> Thanks.
> Angela Rizzolo
> U.S. Department of Labor/Women's Bureau
> 617-565-1988
> 617-565-1986 (FAX)

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