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>> February 17, 1997
>> by Anne S. Walker and Caroline Lambert
>> Firstly....we care because we want governments to live up to promises
>> made in Beijing: The CSW is the main UN body that monitors government
>> actions around the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action
>> (PFA). For the next three years CSW will revi ew the 12 critical areas
>> identified in the PFA. This year they will review environment, power
>> and decision-making, economy, education and training. In 1998 they will
>> review violence against women, armed conflict, human rights and the
>> rights of the girl child. In 1999 they will review health care,
>> mechanisms to promote the advancement of women as well as a
>> comprehensive review of the PFA. Last year, CSW introduced panels in
>> addition to plenary sessions and working groups, to create more
>> opportunities f or dialogue, and in 1997 there will again be panels.
>> Each panel will include an expert nominated by government, an issue
>> expert, a civil society expert and a UN system expert.
>> Preparations for the 41st Session of the CSW (10 - 21 March, 1997) are
>> well under way. The provisional agenda is now available at the CSW web
>> site (<http://www.un.org/dpcsd/saw/csw.html>). For those who do not
>> have access to the Internet, here are a few
>> of the highlights. The panels will all be held during the first week
>> of CSW. Panel 1 on "Women and the Environment" will be held Tuesday 11
>> March a.m. Panel 2: "Women and Decision-Making" will be Wednesday 12
>> March a.m. Panel 3: "Women and the Econom y" will also be on 12 March
>> p.m, and Panel 4: Education and Training of Women" will be 14 March a.m.
>> A parallel meeting on the development of the Optional Protocol to the
>> Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against
>> Women will be held during the CSW. For further information concerning
>> all of these events, contact: UN Division for the Advancement of Women
>> (DAW). Fax: (1-212) 963-3463, E-mail: <daw@un.org>
>> Who are the members of the CSW in 1997? The CSW has a membership of 45
>> UN Member States with 4-year terms. The current members are: Angola,
>> Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, China, Congo, Costa Rica,
>> Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ethiopia , France, Germany, Ghana,
>> Greece, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya,
>> Malaysia, Mali, Mexico, Morocco, Namibia, Norway, Paraguay, Peru,
>> Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation,
>> Slovakia, Swaziland, Th ailand, Togo, Tunisia, UK, USA.
>> Some of the NGO activities planned for the CSW: As reported in Fax #80,
>> an NGO Consultation will be held on Sunday March 9 from 9am to 4pm. The
>> NGO Committee on the Status of Women will also be conducting briefings
>> each morning of the CSW from 9 to 10 a m. There will be a Women's
>> Linkage Caucus facilitated by WEDO on Monday 10 March and Monday 17
>> March between 2 and 3 pm. Evening dialogues (co-sponsored by DAW and
>> various NGOs) will be held between 6 and 7pm during the first week of
>> the CSW, including:
>> Monday 10 March, Environment which will be followed by a WEDO-sponsored
>> reception to launch Promises Kept, a review of government National
>> Action plans. The dialogue on Tuesday 11 March will be on Power and
>> Decision-Making, on Wednesday 12 March, the Ec onomy, and on Thursday 13
>> March, Education and Training. A Gender and Organisational Change
>> meeting, co-sponsored by a coalition of NGOs and DAW, will be held
>> Wednesday 12 March at noon. And on Thursday 13 March the International
>> Council for Adult Educ ation will meet with interested NGOs to discuss
>> plans for the UNESCO/ICAE World Conference on Education to be held in
>> Hamburg in June. Finally, a women's human rights caucus will meet
>> during the first week of CSW to discuss campaign strategies for 1998, a
>> year that includes the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of
>> Human Rights and the CSW review of human rights.
>> Integrating Gender into the Permanent International Criminal Court: A
>> women's coalition has been actively lobbying delegates to the PrepCom
>> for the Establishment of an International Criminal Court this past week
>> in New York, in an all-out effort to get ge nder concerns integrated
>> into the charter. Women want to ensure that the ICC regards such issues
>> as rape, trafficking in women, forced prostitution and forced pregnancy
>> as war crimes and crimes against humanity. For further information,
>> contact Dorothy
>> Thomas, Human Rights Watch Women's Rights Project. Fax: (1-212)
>> 972-8400. E-mail: <thomas@hrw.org>
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