14th World Festival and Conference of Youth and Students

Melissa Ponder (mponder@edcc.ctc.edu)
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 10:46:47 -0800

>>You are invited to join an historic gathering with thousands of
>>students and youth from over 100 nations of the world!
>>July 27 to August 6, 1997 * Havana, Cuba
>> As this century comes to a close, young people everywhere face
>>urgent, complex problems and tremendous challenges. Each continent and
>>every country confronts unique situations, while new global realities bring
>>us together as never before.
>>* In nations rich and poor, young people are demanding education geared
>>toward the 21st century and health care to meet their needs today.
>>* They are involved in anti-racist and anti-chauvinist battles on every
>>continent and struggle every day for a planet that is environmentally clean
>>and safe.
>>* Young women and men are in the forefront of efforts in every part of the
>>world to create sustainable economies which will provide meaningful jobs
>>and be based on principals of democracy and respect for a full agenda of
>>human rights.
>>* From Puerto Rico to Ireland to the Middle East, young people are involved
>>in the struggle for national sovereignty and independence.
>> This summer's Festival will bring together young people from
>>diverse nationalities and a wide range of struggles. It will be a special
>>opportunity to deepen our common understanding and build cooperation among
>>the new generations of the citizens of our planet.
>> The Festival and Conference will address a wide range of issues in
>>workshops, discussion centers, meetings of constituency groups and
>>solidarity activities. In addition to the topics mentioned above, there
>>will be discussions about:
>>* Peace, security, a nuclear weapon-free world and international
>>cooperation and friendship
>>* Anti-imperialist struggle, solidarity, national liberation, sovereignty
>>and self-determination
>>* Democracy and participation
>>* Environment and sustainable development
>>* Young women
>>* Employment
>>* Education
>>* Health, science and technology
>>* Childhood
>>* Culture and social communication
>>* Discrimination, racism and neo-fascism
>>* Interracial youth and student movements
>>* Human rights and peoples' rights
>> There will also be a full program of recreational, cultural and
>>sports activities. It will all culminate in a massive march on August 5th
>>and a celebration of Carnival in Havana.
>> After several days in Havana, Festival participants will divide up
>>and go to the island's 14 provinces where discussions, cultural activities
>>and exchanges will continue. For most of the time, participants will be
>>living with Cuban families in their homes.
>> The Festival is open to everyone, without regard to ideology,
>>political position, gender, race, sexual orientation or religious belief.
>>The diversity and richness of global youth and student movements and
>>struggles will blossom in this international gathering.
>> The U.S. Organizing Committee for the World Youth Festival is
>>building the most diverse and largest delegation possible. Local organizing
>>committees are working in cities around the country, and national
>>organizations are helping to get the word out.
>> We will send a broad delegation that includes college and high
>>school students, people of every race and ethnic group, youth from large
>>urban centers and from rural communities, young people who are straight or
>>lesbian/gay or bisexual, youth who are unemployed and those who are
>>working, people who are new to political involvement and long-time
>> The U.S. Organizing Committee is coordinating travel arrangement
>>for participants in the U.S. delegation. As you may already know, the U.S.
>>government restricts the right of people from this country to travel to
>>Cuba. Several options for travel are being offered, which will be explained
>>in greater detail to people who are applying to participate.
>>Dates: July 27th to August 6th, 1997
>>Package Includes: All food, transportation within Cuba, travel between a
>>departure city(either Cancun, Mexico or Nassau, the Bahamas) and Havana,
>>the full program of activities, and other logistical needs. (Does not
>>include travel from your home city to departure city).
>>Cost: $600 per person
>>For more information: Call the U.S. Organizing Committee for the World
>>Youth Festival at (212) 866-7270 or complete the following information and
>>mail the following to:
>> U.S. Organizing Committee for the World Youth Festival
>> 2565 Broadway #236
>> New York, NY 10025
>>(please print)
>>____ Please send me an application to participation in the Youth Festival
>>____ Please send be more information about the Youth Festival
>>____ Please add our organization's name to the list of Participating Groups
>>in the U.S. Organizing Committee.
Melissa S.K. Ponder
NW Center for Equity and Diversity
20000 68th Ave. W.
Lynnwood, WA 98036

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