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Cathy Miles Grant (Cathy_Miles_Grant@TERC.EDU)
26 Feb 1997 17:45:40 U

RE>[RA-Equity] Teaching gender equity to students with...

Have you been in touch with WEEA (1-800-793-5076; or Campbell-Kibler Associates (Groton Ridge
Heights, Groton, MA 01450)?. They should be able to point you to some good
resources. Good luck.
-Cathy Miles Grant
Date: 2/26/97 5:18 PM
To: Cathy Miles Grant
*** Regional Alliance Equity Network
I am look for some successful classroom strategies for teaching middle school
and high school students with intellectual disabilities about gender
stereotypes. These are students whose ability to conceptualize and think
abstractly may be limited. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks,
Harilyn Rousso, Disabilities Unlimited,
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