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I am a graduate student working on a program for Title IX and to celebrate its
25th anniversary here at the University of Florida. We ar hosting a program
to discuss the law, how it has been used and how it can be used more
effectively today. If anyone has resources or information to help, please let
me know.

Melissa Arnold
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Subject: Women's Day/UN CyberSchoolBus Update
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Subject: Women's Day/UN CyberSchoolBus Update
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Dear EdEquity Colleagues,
You may know about this via other channels, but just in case it hasn't gotten

you I thought I'd forward it. The UN CyberSchoolBus is one of the more
educational web sites around.

The following is a summary of its plans for International Women's Day. It
by worth checking the site itself once things are up in the next week or so.

In addition, thanks to a query from Barb Bitters and others, we at the WEEA
Equity Resource Center are looking ahead to the summer...July marks the 25th
anniversary of Title IX and we would like to develop resources and information
for folks, and collaborate with others on making this a spectacular

We are looking for ideas and colleagues--how can we use EDEquity, our Web
site, and other resources to focus on the impact and future of Title IX, WEEA,
and gender equity. Is there a way we can do some planning, sharing of
on Edequity...let us know what you think, what you need, what you'd like to
For instance, some of the DACs may be planning regional celebrations for Title
IX's anniversary...other people may be creating posters or support can we help promote this anniversary and point to where we
to go as a nation. If folks are interested, either contact me directly or
begin a discussion on the listserv. Look forward to hearing from you and
collectively planning/celebrating.

Katherine Hanson, director
WEEA Equity resource Center


1. Women's Day 1997

What are you doing for Women's Day?

International Women's Day is on March 8, 1997 and the UN CyberSchoolBus
( has planned a great program of information
and fun:

* Question and Answer with two UN experts on the role of women in peace and
* Teaching Units
* Resources
* Discussion and activity ideas
* An interactive puzzle

These resources and teaching units will be available on the web site
starting February 27, 1997:
Please visit the site for more information. To register and receive
updates please send e-mail to and in the subject
field write: Days.

Questions for the UN experts are due on March 6, 1997. Note that this year
March 8 falls on a Saturday so we are carrying out the activities a few
days early. The questions will be answered by:

* Dorota Gierycz is an international lawyer by training who is now Acting
Chief of the Gender Analysis Section at the Department for the Advancement
of Women. She specializes in conflict resolution and the human rights of
women, dealing with issues such as how the process of peace might be
different with the involvement of women. She has extensive experience in
Eastern Europe and teaches a course once a year at the University of
Makerere in Uganda.

* Comfort Lamptey is Program Specialist at UNIFEM, the United Nations
Development Fund for Women. She works with programs that provide support to
women for peace-related activities. Her focus is on Africa and she has
conducted and participated in peace-building workshops in various countries
in that region.

* Zohreh Tabatabai is the Focal Point for Women at the United Nations,
dealing with the position and status of women within the United Nations

The resources and activities are available for a range of grade levels and
students of all ages are encouraged to send in their questions. However,
please read the guidelines for the Q&A at

If you want to receive updates regarding this event or other "Days of the
Year" programs please send e-mail to and in the
subject field write: Days.


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