Peer education activities

Robin Forster (R_Forster@CompuServe.COM)
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I am using two different curriculums that might be of help. Both have
skits, etc. etc.

_Conflict Resolution in the Middle School_ by William J. Kreidler.
Educators fro Social Responsibility.
_Peer Mediation, Conflict Resolution in Schools_ revised Edition, by
Schrumpf, Crawford & Bodine. Research Press.

In my Confl. Reso. class (8th graders), I have the students work in
committees. Each committe _learns_ the material, then _presents_ it to the
class. This concept mostly works <grin>.

Hope this helps. If you would like more info. let me know.


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I am looking for activities high school students can facilitate with peers,
as well as junior high and elementary students related to bias,
stereotypes, and discrimination. Skits, lesson plans, training and
motivational strategies would be greatly appreciated.


Melissa S.K. Ponder 206-640-1065 NW Center for Equity
and Diversity EDCC 20000 68th Ave. W. Lynnwood, WA 98036


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