IRD disabilities file update

Fritz Bohnet (
02 Mar 1997 09:57:00 +0100


thanks to the help of many of you, I have finished the fifth edition of the
Internet Resources Database disabilities sites file .

We crossed the 1200 entries mark with this I think.

With so many entries,I have no possibilty to check all sites on a regular basis
by myself to see if they are working or have been moved.So please help with your
experiences here and sent informations of out of order sites to

Be advised that you need the IRD reader for using the database.
It is a Windows / PC product, which you can download for free together with
the disabilities sites file from:

As a new service of the Internet Resources Database site, you can subscribe
to a mailinglist, which will distribute future file updates automatically via
file attachments. Great thing to stay up-to-date I think.
To subscribe send a E- mail message to:

subscribe Your name Your email address

in the body of your message.

i.e. subscribe Bill Again

Thanks again to all of you who contributed site informations for this update.
All other users of this file are welcomed to do so as well. Use the submit
feature of the reader software to do so.

Best wishes

Fritz Bohnet
Moderator of the IRD disabilities file

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